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Swimming & Water Safety In Winter Myths

3 Swimming & Water Safety In Winter Myths

Life Saving Victoria send me out their Newsletter every... well I've never really paid any attention to how often the send it out to me but it is one of the online magazines that I do read as they often have good reading in it. In the latest issue the have put together 3 Swimming & Water Safety In Winter Myths.

Wait... Get Your Lesson Plans Here

Usually I would not promote such a web page, not because it doesn't have good information, because these things usually do but because:

  • the pages come and go pretty quickly
  • and
  • it is too geo-specific
There is not much I can do about the first point but on the second point but I found the information to be of such a nature that I suspect the myths persist across the world so it is worth breaking my rules for it.

The article deals with three myths:

  • Having a break from swimming will not affect a child’s water confidence
  • Having a ‘few weeks’ break from lessons will not affect a student’s skill progression
  • Swimming in winter makes children sick

Image of child collecting sinking toys under the water. This article is about: Swimming & Water Safety In Winter Myths
Don't Take A Break From Swimming In Winter

These are then countered by, what I felt were, some very compelling facts.

Give the article a read and let me know what you think.


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