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Swimming Goggles Review Of Cheap Kids Swim Goggles

Perils Of Cheap Kids Swim Goggles A Swimming Goggles Review

Often parents look for the cheapest option when it comes to swimming goggles for their kids. This is not always the best option but it is understandable. So I thought that I would do a short swimming goggles review of cheap kids swim goggles in the form of the videos below.

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I apologize for the quality of the sound. I am working on improving it. However, given that the goggles are cheap perhaps the sound is in keeping (sorry just my little joke). But I do recommend you use the closed captions. I have corrected them so they say what I say.

In the first video, the surprising thing is that the goggles are not all that badly designed. In this case, if it wasn't for the material that the really cheap strap is made of, they may actually be a relatively good pair. I say relatively because, as I point out, the bridge can snap and then they are very difficult to fix.

In the case of the second video, although the goggles work for a time, once these goggles get old or slightly damaged, they are done for and cannot be used. Also, the single strap makes them the most difficult to adjust to avoid leakage. Still, if it is what you can afford in order to get your children swimming and you recognize that you will have to replace them in a relatively short time, they will do as a starter pair.


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