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Freestyle Swimming Rotation Improvement With A Press Stud

What Does A Press Stud Have In Common With Freestyle Swimming Rotation Improvement?

Well, Press Stud is a name given by the coach in the video below, to a technique to help improve your freestyle swimming rotation. From the video, you can see what it is and how it is applied.

This Video is not really for beginner swimmers but it may help those of you that are having trouble with your rotation.

Sometimes in order to grasp what you are doing wrong or what you need to do right you have some reference point. It is even better if that reference point is something that you can feel.

That is what is described here a physical point of reference that helps you identify where your shoulder and arm should be as you rotate into your freestyle stroke.

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A press stud, of course, is a very common device but I think the use of it in this description is enormously helpful because it adds a visual element. Hence this description has kinaesthetic and visual components. That makes it really good as a teaching and learning tool.

A Press Stud


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