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How To Adjust Goggles, If Struggling With Adjusting Swim Goggles

Struggling With Adjusting Swim Goggles? Here Is How To Adjust Goggles

It seems that the ways that developers can come up with for how to adjust goggles are endless so there is no chance that I can ever cover them all. However, here are a few of the ones that seem to have been particularly tricky for some parents and student over the years. I hope this helps all of you who struggle with adjusting swim goggles.

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But First A Plea To Parents

Can I just make one plea with parents:

You cannot keep the water out of your children's googles by making them tighter.

I was serving at the counter the other day and I could not believe my ears. I had just spent time with the parent and child trying to get goggles that fit. As soon as we had finished, the parent adjusted them tighter. When the child complained about them being too tight the parent said to the child: "You have to have to have them tight otherwise the water will get in".

This drives me nuts and not only is it not true but sometimes I think that it is a form of child torture. Maybe even an act of revenge on their child for all the grief they are giving them. I'm not serious of course but sometimes it seems that way.

Parent please here me:

Goggle do not need to be tight. In fact if they are too tight they are almost certainly not correctly fitted. Correctly fitted goggles do not need to be tight. Please stop making your child wear goggle that are too tight instead get them fitted correctly... Please!

Please don't hesitate to use the closed captions (CC). I sometimes get a bit carried away describing what I'm doing and forget that I'm trying to make it so that others can hear me and learn. The result is I sometimes don't speak up among other things and the sound gets a bit lost. However, I have tried to make the CC as accurate as possible and even tried to correct some of the mumbling and unintentional use of the wrong words.

If You Are Struggling With Adjusting Swim Goggles

There are three videos in this collection and I think the best way for me to deal with this collection is just to make comment before each one. So See below for more comments.


This is the push button type strap and it appears to be a very popular type strap with the parents. Why? I don't know because the split strap if the child can be convinced to leave the goggles alone(hmm I think I just answered my own question), is a much better fit.

These Goggles have a Slot in Type Strap Adjustment. They were very popular for a while because they promised to be easier to adjust. But for some reason, they did not live up to their promise.

This is a Single Strap Split 2 Ways and is very common. However, seems to be an endless variation on the clip that holds the strap together. I hope by making this video that I have provided some help with whatever version you have. I have made this one a bit of a review also because it has a molded suction cup to note especially when it comes to children.

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