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History Of Swimming: An Infographic To Show How Old It Is

An Infographic On The History Of Swimming

Swimming has been around for a while in a number of different forms. I find the history of swimming very interesting, there are many references to it in history books. There is even reference to swimming in the Bible [Isaiah 25:11].

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Did you know for example that probably the first swimming was written in 1539. Yes the date is not a mistake 1539 is correct not 1939.

What century do you think swimming fist became a competitive sport? Of course, there may be a debate on the exact date but that is part of the fun of history.

But I suspect that there may be a lot of people that may be interested but would rather not read through a long boring history lesson. To resolve that, here is a brief but complete visual version in the form of an infographic.


History Of Swimming

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