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Swim Cap: The Swimming Essential Not Everyone Cares About

The Swimming Cap Myth

Swimming is one of the most challenging and fun activities. Aside from taking a rest, people, most especially kids, look forward to swimming when summer is fast approaching. Some people hold a swimming party for celebrations. It is a unique activity because you can't just do it anytime and anywhere you want. Unlike basketball, chess and any other activity, you can't bring the thing you need most somewhere else – in this case, it's the swimming pool.

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Of course, just like any sports or physical activities, there are specific, required and/or appropriate equipment, outfits. People choose their swim attire for confidence and comfort and based on their style; they'd be uploading beach photos, and of course, they need a good look. All those swimwear mentioned previously are needed and are common if you go to beaches and resorts. You may have not noticed, but there's another important part of swim attire, a swim cap.

A brief background of the swim cap, it began during the early 20th century. When war occurred, there was a scarcity of production because the war apparatuses needed rubber―material used to create the caps. It rose again because of competitive swimming's prevalence. Today, swim caps are still used, but people think that it is only be used in swimming competitions. Well, that's not true. You can (and you actually should) use a swim cap whether you are swimming for a huge competition or fitness or just for pleasure.

Crush any harsh comments with the following reasons, regardless if you're a professional or an amateur swimmer!

Your Visibility

Hair, whether it's long or short, can be a nuisance when swimming because it can repeatedly go to your face then get into your eyes. A swim cap is so helpful because your hair is are well-kept. It keeps your hair in place, restraining it from getting contact with your eyes. Seeing your way to the edge of the pool is essential

Your Hearing

It's so annoying when water gets in the ears. It ruins the techniques and the fun because it's awfully uncomfortable. You may temporarily have a hearing difficulty while you're swimming. It's very frustrating however, you can now prevent it from happening because you can buy swim caps with purpose-built ear protection.

Your Swim

Swim caps are needed for competitions needles to say. Competitive swimmers need to swim rapidly and swim caps help in doing that. It can lessen drag on your body.

Your Warmth

You might find it unconvincing, but swim caps sustain body warmth. Insulating the head/hair with a swim cap is helpful because heat is lost through the head when you swim! Especially for swimmers in cold temperature, in and out of the water. It's hard to keep up when water and air temperature work together to give you a hard time. A swim cap can be your ally.

Image of a swimmer swimming hard wearing a swim cap
Swimmer With Swim Cap

Their Visibility

A swim cap―especially an easily recognizable color ―can keep you safe. You can be seen, even from a distance. This is a bonus for unexpected situations in water, which hopefully won't happen. As for competition swimmers can be better recognized.

Your Protection from the Sun

Hair needs the sun for growth and nourishment, but with too much exposure to, it can also get damaged. Hair proteins can be destroyed by UV Rays. The flexibility and structure of hair cells can wear out. The swim cap works like a wall that protects your hair from the sun's harmful rays, especially if you're in an open-air swimming pool.

Your Goggles

Swim cap can be worn with goggles. But goggles can be naughty sometimes. Its straps may pull your hair while swimming, and a swim cap prevents that.

Water's Benefit

Swim caps aren't just for your benefit; it's for the swimming area's cleanliness too. Because your hair is held well by the cap, broken hair won't fall out and clog swimming pool filters.

Your Hair's Over-All Health

Chlorine makes the water clean, but it causes hair damage. Necessary oils present in the hair and scalp are scraped by Chlorine. This is one of the causes of hair dryness, discoloring, breaking and brittleness. The same may be the effect of salt water. Because swim caps lessen your hair's exposure to pool water, your hair is prevented from unhealthy effects of chemicals in it. This is especially professional swimmers because of the amount of time they spend in the water.

Swim caps may not be among your priorities whenever you buy your swimwear, but hopefully, this piece has made you realize that it is a must. Hair is a very precious body part for everyone just because it is what it is. It's beautiful in its own way, and it makes people beautiful too in many ways. It must be safeguarded and maintained well. It's great to fun and be comfortable in water while protecting and taking good care of your hair's health and beauty.


Image of Nicole Ann Pore
Nicole Ann Pore
Nicole Ann Pore is a daytime writer for Team Elite, a supplier of high quality, well-designed merchandise for sports, schools and corporate teams in Australia, also across other places like the United Kingdom and the United States. Because of the course, she took up in college, Nicole has become interested in film critiquing and film making. She is into events hosting and voice over acting and hosting. | Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University-Manila, the Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts. “To God be the glory”

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