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Setting Goals In Your Swimming That You Can Reach

Setting Goals In Your Swimming That You Can Reach

I know setting goals as a beginner means only one thing and that is to learn to swim. But as you are doing that you will almost certainly set intermediate goals, such as:
  • Placement of your hands
  • Fixing you head position
  • Kicking with a better kick
Setting Goals: Image of a young woman swimming breaststroke in the pool
You Can And You will Succeed With Patience

Many beginner swimmers fall for a major trap when they set their goals.

That trap is that they set unrealistic goals. Unrealistic because they are aimed for too soon.

This often results in discouragement and sometimes giving up.

What do I mean by unrealistic? The goals you are setting should be incremental and obtainable quickly.

For example:
If your hands are too far out of the water when you do your freestyle stroke, your goal should be to get them under the water first the next goal should be to get them a little deeper and then a little deeper and so on until they are at the correct depth.

Also, you should be fixing only one fault at a time. Only when you have fixed that should you move on to the next fault.

Wait... Get Your Lesson Plans Here

Interestingly this is a fault that even experienced swimmer fall into as can be seen from this article.

So don't be too hard on yourself. Be patient and realistic with yourself and give yourself time. You can and will succeed if you are just willing to do it a bit at a time.


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