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Butterfly Drills The Lake Oswego Butterfly Progression

Butterfly Drills For Beginners?

The butterfly can be one of the most frustrating strokes to master. And butterfly Drills can be really exhausting. In fact, I'm not even convinced that it should be considered as a stroke for beginners. But if you are one of those that are working on it this drill has a lot going for it even if you are just starting out.

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It is about getting the timing right and this drill is one of the best that I have seen that works on just that.

It is intended for advanced swimmers but don't let that discourage you, as the beauty of it is that regardless of the level you are at you will get some benefit out of it.

If you haven't done any butterfly before you may get some benefit out of reviewing these posts but as soon as you have the basics you should have no difficulty copying the video. It is just a practical application of what you have learned.

You will need some equipment flippers (fins) and centre snorkel. But other than that enjoy.


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