Breaststroke and High Heels

After you have mastered the rudiments of your breaststroke it's time to start making it more efficient.

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Do you need to make it more efficient?

Well that depends on what sort of swimmer you want to be.

If all you ever wanted to do was to swim that 50 meters a few times per swim, then you probably don't need this drill. But if you want to do more, then you are going to need to make your kick the most efficient you can.

If that's not you then before you give up on this post let my suggest to you that if you are not constantly trying to improve your stroke, even if it is only a little with simple drills you may be missing out.

Why not give this a drill a go. I'm sure you will find that it make your swim easier because it will improve you efficiency. If your swim is more efficient I can almost guarantee that it will be more enjoyable.


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