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Breaststroke Kick (Frog Kick) Faults - Pull Buoy Fix

Breaststroke Kick or Frog Kick, Faults and Fix using a Pull Buoy

Do you have a problem with your breaststroke kick?
  1. One leg kicking faster than the other
  2. One foot in, one foot out
  3. Pain in your knee
The element that most swimmers, predominantly beginners by not them alone, have difficulty with. It's also the fault that gives coaches the most problems in their attempts to fix it.

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This video shows one of the best fixes I've ever used. Sure sometimes it's as simple as getting in the water with the student and moving their feet in the correct motion until they get it. But often as soon as you let go of the legs the student goes straight back to what they were doing.

Image of a young swimmer doing breaststroke with a pull bouy between his legs trying to fix his breaststroke kick faults
Breaststroke With Pull Buoy

Sometimes you can just stand on the edge of the pool and tell the swimmer every time they get it right and every time they get it wrong. But often as soon as you stop telling them what to do, they go straight back to doing the fault.

There are many more tricks that teachers and coaches use to fix the breaststroke kick but I have to say that this drill is now my first choice as soon as the student is capable of a stroke that resembles breaststroke or a swimmer presents to me with kicking problems. By far and away this drill has fixed more faults, more easily than any of my other drills. On top of all that the narrower kick helps avoid knee pain.

So if you are having problems fixing or helping someone to fix their breaststroke kick you need to try this drill.


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