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Swim Safely: Kids, Swimming and The Dam Phone

Swim Safely: Warning Rant coming!

News Flash! Using your phone at the pool is not allowing your kids to swim safely.

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Mobile (cell) Phones should be illegal by the pool.

It takes 20 seconds, if you are lucky, for your child to die in the water. Technically I should use the word "drown" but "die" is potentially just an accurate.

Seriously if you are supervising, what makes you think it is OK to use your phone?

That is not allowing your kids to swim safely!

Image of a young woman talking on the phone:you do not help a child swim safely on the Phone
What More Important Your Child Or The Phone Call

Cell Phones Give A False Sense of Security

What false sense of security have you been deluded into, to think that nothing can happen whilst you are on your phone?
Are you truly that callus that you can take supervising that lightly?
Do your children or charges mean so little to you that anything on your phone could be more important?
Wake up!!!!
I once heard a statement that said not only is it dangerous to text and drive, it is just as dangerous to dive and text. Here in Australia, we have a saying: "if you drink and drive you're a bloody idiot". I think all the things apply equally to using your phone whilst you supervise.
"If you do anything on your phone whilst supervising at the pool your a dangerous bloody idiot!"
And if that statement outrages you, let me just say that it outrages "Me" the number of adult supervisors that I see by the pool that think they are supervising children if they are simply sitting by the pool. According to these dim wits, it does not matter if you are texting, play a video game, checking your email or talking to your friend, neighbor or business associate.
I don't care how important the phone call is, your child's life is more.
If it's really so important that you have to deal with whatever it is, then don't let your children be in the water whilst you take the call. Most of all, if you know that you are going to have to do business whilst you take your children to the pool or beach, don't go. Have someone who cares go with them.

Lifeguards Are Not Baby Sitters

I'm a lifeguard, not your personal baby sitter. You say: "but that is your Job". I have up to 100 people to look out and for, sometimes more, you have a very few children. Just use your brain to think it through for a change. Who is in a better position to look out for your children: you with a very few or me with more than 100?

You are right though, it is my job to make sure that your children can swim safely. So don't get upset when I do my job and come and tell you to put your phone away. Accept that you have been a callous fool and put it away to watch your charges.

It is part of my job to convince you to leave your phone in the locker when you go to the pool or in the car glove box if you go to the beach. Anywhere but on your ear or in front of your eyes.

Here is a revolutionary thought: "go to the pool to spend time with your kids"!


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