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Fixing Your Backstroke With Fun & Friends

Fixing Your Backstroke With Fun & Friends

Remember me telling you how to use exaggeration in your stroke to stop overreaching. Well here is a drill that not only achieves that but it does so in a fun way.

It's really quite simple and you or your students will love it.

You will need a friend and you get them to stand on your head whilst you do the backstroke.

I know, I know, that sounds not only ridiculous but quite imposable for all but the most highly trained acrobats, yet it really is quite simple and easy; as you can see from the video.

The quality of the video is not up to a high standard. In fact, I think that it may have been filmed by one of the students, however, you will have no problems seeing clearly what you have to do. Try it is fun and if you are a swim teacher your kids will love doing backstroke this way.


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