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Babies Learning To Swim, Swimming Lessons For Under 2'S

Babies Learning To Swim

I really like Laurie Lawrence. He is not only an innovator in swimming but he keeps up with all the most current research. But most of all he has credibility. Which means when he says that you don't need to make babies upset to teach them to swim, I have substantial backing to add to my own experience and credentials to make that point clear when it comes to babies learning to swim and swimming lessons for under 2's.

Wait... Get Your Lesson Plans Here

Those who argue: "it doesn't matter if they cry or carry on, the only thing that is important is that they learn to be safe in the water"; speak "absolute rubbish".

There are certain videos on youtube that show, so-called spectacular results of babies swimming. But the babies do nothing but whimper and cry the whole time they are doing this so-called life-saving activity. What's worse because it is on the internet people don't even question that the whole event is completely staged.

Swimming Lessons For Under 2'S

In contrast, Laurie's video(see also below)shows clearly that toddlers can learn to swim, within their own limits and be happy about it. They are clearly shown laughing and giggling about it.

I do have a beef with him though. It is not unique to Laurie, most of those that promote on youtube do the same thing. If you are going to have toddled performing at this level of confidence and proficiency in the water as those on the video, you can't just do lessons once a week for a 1/2 hour. The more, safe and supervised, exposure to the water you give a child the quicker they learn. It's the same with every type of learning.

Do You Want You, Toddlers, To Be Safe In The Water

Whilst on lifeguard duty one day I watched with amusement a child do one of the most proficient backstrokes I have ever seen from someone that small. More than that in every other way the child was a fish. How old was she? 2 years old.

You would think that with a child as proficient as that in the water you wouldn't need to supervise. But they were great parents in the water. They were right there with her.

I asked how often she was in the water and they told me, that they had their own pool and she was in there practically every day.

Do you want your Toddlers, to be safe in the water and perform at their optimum? Get them in the water as often as possible with competent instruction. Better still learn how to teach them yourselves. You can do that either by going to a school where they show you how to teach your child or buying lesson plans from a credible source on how to teach.


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