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Four Causes Of Shoulder Pain and Swimming Injury

Suffering From Swimming Shoulder Pain

About 80% of swimmers suffering from shoulder pain at some point in their swimming career. The pain is usually enough to keep us out of the water so it is worthwhile trying to understand the causes and way to avoid the problem.

Picture of a mans swimming freestyle in the pool. Four Causes Of Shoulder Pain and Swimming Injury. Four Causes Of Shoulder Pain and Swimming Injury
Avoid Shoulder Pain When Swimming

The worst of it is that we are most often the cause of our own pain. Hence a good understanding of the biomechanics that goes into our swimming will go long way to fixing things.

The Four Classic Causes Of Shoulder Pain And Injury In Swimming is an excellent article by swim smooth that is easy to understand, with clear pictures and illustration.

  • Thumb First Entry Into The Water
  • Stroke Crossover
  • Forceful Push Downwards During The Catch
  • Pulling Through With A Straight Arm

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The pictures of these faults are in-themselves very valuable and with the description, I can say with confidence that, whether you are a beginner or a confident swimmer you are going to find this article valuable. Don't forget to read the comments I willing to bet you will find someone you can relate to.


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