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After Swim Chlorine Smell Gone– Swim Spray Product Review

Have you ever used an anti chlorine soap or body wash that works?

I must have tried just about everything on the market. I had pretty much had concluded that nothing really worked the way humans really wanted it to.

For example, I've tried most of the body washes and soaps and they do get rid of the chlorine smell or at least I think they do. But they add their own smell and unless you like that smell, the cure is worse than the disease.

Personally, I hate the smell of all of them and what's more, I'm not convinced they were getting rid of or even neutralizing the smell, so much as covering it up.

Then there is Swim Spay

I wouldn't have even looked at this product had it not been for the funny little video.

One of the many duties I have, when I am the duty manager at the pool, is to test the chlorine and PH levels in the pool. In the case of the chlorine, unless you are dealing with extremely high levels, the closer the test water is to clear the less chlorine is in it. So I realized that the maker of the video at least knew something about the chemistry of pools and pool water.

You think I'm going to tell you that after watching I was convinced. But I wasn't. Just because the video maker knows something about chemistry doesn't mean the video isn't faked. But it was enough for me to try the Swim Spray.

Now I have to treat my skin very carefully around the pool because of the many years I have spent in the water, so I was not prepared to just spray it on. I did a little test on a small part of my skin first to see what reaction I would have.

Guess what? ... Nothing! That's a good thing!

So the next thing was to try it on my whole body. And so next time I went to work in the water that's exactly what I did.

Step by Step Image on how to use swim spray
Swim Spray How To Use 

Read the direction carefully

You can get tricked with this product if you don't read the direction carefully. You have to make sure you rinse yourself first and then spray.

Now I was still a little confused because the instructions say that once you have sprayed yourself you can then wash with your favourite shampoo and body wash or soap. But did that mean rinse, spray, rinse, then apply soap etc. or did that mean rinse, spray, soap, rinse?

Fortunately, my packet came with this little diagram that makes it all clear.

The results were very impressive

As far as I could tell, not only was there no chlorine smell but there was no after smell from the spray.

However, the greater test was still to come. Would my long-suffering wife who was always complaining about how I stink of chlorine, notice?

When I arrive home I can usually expect to have some sarcastic comment made about my chlorine body odour to which I usually reply "better the clean smell of chlorine than normal BO". But although I waited for it all day there was nothing. She didn't notice. So I felt compelled to ask her about it and she replied: "Oh yea that's funny I can't smell anything".

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Now That's A Result!

With this success up my sleeve, I thought I would extend my little test and give a small simple to several of the swimming squad and the same to a fellow swimming teacher.

Here is a summary of the comments I got back:-

Swim squad: several of them were willing to try the Swim Spray and all were very positive about the experience they had with it.

Swim teacher: again very positive responses.

So it turns out this stuff really seems to work.


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