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Drowning or Diving? The Most Dangerous Diving Board Tricks

Drowning or Diving: The Most Dangerous Diving Board Tricks

Drowning or diving? That is the question when it comes to the most dangerous diving board tricks.

Using a diving board can be a special and fun way for children to enjoy the experience of diving into a swimming pool during the summer months. However, diving boards can also be extremely dangerous if they are not used properly. There is a safe, easy way for children to use a diving board, but many parents are not well informed about how to teach their children to use a diving board correctly. This often results in accidents which can cause serious injuries and death.

Image of a person doing diving tricks off a diving board into the sea.
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On the Board

Once they are comfortable with diving from the pool’s edge, parents can instruct the child on how to use a diving board. The most dangerous tricks are basically anything that involves your child running on the diving board. Parents should ensure that their child does not run on the board, but instead stands on the edge of the board in order to dive. Taking a running start off of the diving board will often cause children to slip and fall, which increases the risk of serious injury.

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Next, in order to dive, the child needs to bend his or her knees without bouncing on the diving board. The most dangerous tricks also involve bouncing. Bouncing on the diving board can cause young children to slip off of the board, and collide with it.


Parents should teach their child the importance of pool and diving board safety. Children should only dive in the deep end of the pool, and when using a diving board, the pool should be at least twelve feet deep to avoid injuries. Never leave a child unattended on a diving board, as they are at greater risk of injuring themselves or drowning while no one is watching. Do not let children attempt any diving tricks or flips on their own without proper instruction.

If you own your own pool or spa, you can teach children early about swimming and diving safety. For more information, visit our blog for news, specials and fun Be safe and careful while in the water this summer!


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