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Tips On Doing Swim Strokes More Effectively

Tips On Doing Swim Strokes More Effectively

Here is another one in the series where I have asked people to put forward their pesonal tip on what helped them to learn to swim.

As always I may or may not endorce theit tip but I still think the exersice is well worth while a trial.
After reading please feel free to put forward your faveite swimming tip.


Do you want to learn how to do those swim strokes more effectively? I personally know how difficult it is to do that perfect stroke when swimming, but after much practice and success doing it now, I am sure that my personal tips can help.

Aman swimming freestyle in the pool. Tips On Doing Swim Strokes More Effectively.
Man Doing Freestyle

In this article, I will teach you how I perfected my swim strokes in a completely new way. I am able to do all kinds of cool things to get you that perfect stroke during any time you are swimming.

Tips on doing the swim strokes more effectively:Stretch out your body

Whether you really want to get yourself that perfect butterfly or that perfect freestyle stroke, you must make sure that you always stretch out your body to a full extent. There are some people who don't know how powerful it really is to exaggerate movement while swimming.

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Shape your hands correctly


This simple method can make you an instantly quicker swimmer out there. The trick is to simply shape your hands like a bunny or any animal. Try to make it look like you are holding a tennis ball but only with your palm. This is the position your hands should be when you are about to take that stroke. It pushes you and brings you forward better.

Gaining the motivation to keep on practicing

When it comes down to practicing and gaining more motivation, you will find that it is to best to really look into the future. If you don't want to regret not trying, then you really need to consider pushing though.

I highly recommend that you try reading other people's biographies as this may help you to gain more confidence than normal. Their life stories can be very nice to read. Their knowledge and past experiences can prove to be very helpful for anybody.  You may not see results with your swimming talents right away, but you will find yourself gaining more speed and definitely more confidence with my tips above.


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