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Learning To Swim: My Swimming Experience

In this instalment of the series where I have asked people to put forward their personal tips on what helped them when learning to swim, Mjoelle lets us in on his experience of learning to swim at 18 years old.

As always I may or may not endorse this tip but I still think the exercise is well worthwhile a trial.

After reading please feel free to put forward your favourite swimming tip.


My Swimming Experience

Swimming is one of the most common sports for regular people to do, as it is something that everyone is expected to know how to do. However, we all know that there are certain people that never had the time to learn how to swim.

There are children and even adults that still don't know how to swim, and if you are one of those people, then it is advisable that you now start learning. Each person has a reason why they never learned how to swim, and just like you, I also didn't learn how to swim until I was 18 years old. This is why I will not only teach how to swim, but I will even share to you my experiences with learning how to swim.

Image on a man from India in a pool learning to swim
One Man Journey to Learn To Swim

I never really wanted to learn how to swim, as I always thought that since I don't even want to be a swimmer, I wouldn't need to learn. I was completely wrong.

A couple years ago during Summer, it was almost my birthday, and well, I had no plans of throwing a party. Little did I know, my friends and family threw one for me, and shockingly, it was a swimming party.

They had no idea that I didn't know how to swim, so, the entire party I was just floating in the kiddy pool feeling completely embarrassed. I finally realized that I needed to learn how to swim.

The moment I was about to go into a pool, I was feeling really nervous and scares. I then realized that it has become a fear of mine to actually swim.

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I didn't want to hire a swimming coach, so I asked a couple friends to help me out. They taught me a lot of cool drills that really helped me to learn how to swim faster.

After one month of swimming every day, I was able to do ten laps continuously. There was one thing that I really realized after my journey in learning how to swim, and that was knowing it's never late to learn something new.

Simple Swim Drills That Will Help You Improve In Swimming

Breathing Drill The breathing drill is the easiest drill out there, as all you need to is breathe out through your nose when you go underwater. However, before you go underwater, make sure that you have taken big deep breaths. This will help you get used to what it will feel like when you're underwater.

Paddle Your Feet While Holding Onto The Rail

This drill will help you learn how to paddle your feet. All you need to do is hold onto the rail and lay down on your belly.

Afterwards, start paddling your feet as fast and as long as you can. You should also consider to do the breathing exercise while you do this, but make sure that you still hold onto the rail.

Arm Action

This drill can only be done with the help of a friend, as you need someone to hold onto your feet. While someone is holding your feet, make sure that you do actual swimming strokes with your arms. Once you are ready, you should do all of the drills at once.

To swim all by yourself will be difficult at first, but with patience and dedication, you will then be able to swim without being scared to drown.


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