Swimming & Ear Plugs Alternatives

How to get or keep water out of your ear after or during swimming without the use of ear plugs.

You may hate to use ear plugs when swimming but still have a need to minimize water in them. You may have a medical reason or maybe you just can't tolerate too much water in your ears, yet that same need may mean anything in your ear is undesirable. Whatever the reason some of you would defiantly prefer alternatives to having something stuck in your ear canal when you go swimming.

Then you may be one of those swimmers that are happy to put up with the water whilst in the pool but for whatever reason can't get the water out of your ears after you have leave the water.

There are only three alternatives (and definitely none are Blu-Tac) that I know of for those that cannot or will not use ear plugs when you should or feel as though you should:

- Create a natural barrier
- Cover your ears completely
- Get the water out as quickly and safely as you can after you get out of the water.

For of some of you creating a natural barrier will be sufficient; others will want the added protection of covering your ears completely; but everybody should get the water out as quickly and safely as you can after you get out of the water.

The best results for your preferred level of protection against water in you ears can be achieved by one of the following combinations:
- Wear a swimming cap or head band.
- Wear a swimming cap with head band.
- Shaking your head on the side or from side to side when you get out of the pool or even at the end of a sequence or lap until the water clears.
- Jumping on one foot with your head tilted to the jumping foot side until the water clears.
Audi clear
Aqua ear
or oil provided it's Ok by your Doctor

The first three of the above are pretty much self explanatory but the last three may be new to you.

Audi clear and Aqua ear

Audi clear and Aqua ear are brand names so the actual product name may change from country to country but they are available over the counter at most pharmacy here in Australia.

Aqua ear is for those that are having problems clearing the water from their ears after swimming. I have to confess that this product saved me from a lot of pain one time when I just could not get that water out. Nothing I tried worked and I was hurting and fully expected the doctor to flush my ears but instead he suggested I try aqua era first. Spraying fluid in my ear felt a little uncomfortable at first and laying still on my sided for a few minutes was boring but the relief was almost immediate.

You check with your doctor fist but if you are someone that often has water stuck in your ear and you have reasons that you don' want to ware ear plugs then this may be a good way for you to go.

Audi ear is a preventative in some ways in that it is a non obtrusive way of clearing wax build up from your ears and hence for our purposes water runs our a lot more easily.

Olive or vegetable oil in your ear

There is one more thing that you can try but you must consult your doctor before you try it: put a couple of drops of olive or vegetable oil in your ear before you swim it sets up a natural barrier to water and therefore your ear becomes more water resistant. It is a little unconventional but it did seem to work brilliantly for some of my swim students.

So there are some alternatives to wearing ear plugs whilst swimming if you have a need or preference to do so but you will need to weigh up the benefits to the inconvenience. But you must remember that I've put forward needs to be checked with your doctor before use. I cannot over emphasis the importance of that point.


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