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Headbands for Children Swimming

Headbands for Children Swimming

A weeping child stands on the edge of the pool "mommy you're pulling my hair" the entire time that your wrestling to get the bathing cap on.

Image of 2 children sitting on the edge of the pool wearing headbands to help hold in their ear plugs.
Happy Children With Head Bands Holding Earplugs

Do you ever breathe with a sigh of frustration when you hear, once again and you know it won't be the last time "daddy it's still getting in": as you pull that bathing cap down over your child's ears and you think to yourself with sarcasm "oh the joys of bathing caps".

You are not alone in this malaise.

Of course, the simple solution is to leave the bathing cap off but many of us don't have a choice because of medical reasons or just because your child can't stand water in their ears.

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Now I would love to say "headbands to the rescue" but I would be lying if I said they are the complete solution. Nevertheless, they are an alternative and the right way to go for many children.

They Look Cooler And Are Cooler!

Sometimes headbands are better than bathing caps because they only go around the head rather than cover the entire head. This results in your child's head is allowed to breathe, resulting in a cooler head, practically no pulling in their hair and a much easier fit. Not only that but they look cooler!

Headbands still need to be adjusted occasionally but they are easier to adjust because they don't cover the whole head. Easier to put on before swimming starts also, because of the Velcro.

The downside of headbands is when they are worn with goggles: which is most of the time. Unlike bathing caps, they have a ridge which can often interfere with the fit of the goggle eyepiece and strap. Whilst not a deal breaker it does sometimes mean a reasonable effort needs to be put into getting their placement correct so the headband and goggles are not in conflict.

You will need to experiment a little. My suggestion is to put the goggles on first and the headband over the strap of the goggles rather than under the strap, like you would with bathing caps and adjust from there.

Bathing Caps Manage Hair And Keep Your Head Warmer

Bathing caps do manage hair and keep your head warmer. But nothing will hold earplugs in place better than headbands. This is where they simply excel.

Weather bathing caps or head bans keep water out better is purely subjective. Some people will argue for one or the other but there is no doubt that headbands are effective, it just may depend on the scale of the head that the band is going around.

In brief, headbands keep heads cool as well as look cool. They are easier to fit, help reduce water getting into the ears and are an excellent alternative for keeping earplugs in.


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