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Water Discovery Games & Songs For Learn How To Swim

Suggested Water Discovery Games & Songs

I received these Water Discovery Games & Songs For Learn How To Swim from one of the people who follow this blog and I thought that the information was good enough that it was worth sharing(I'm doing it with permission of course). It makes a nice addition to my Songs and Lyrics pages

Hi Richard,

             Thank you for your prompt reply. I am very eager to swap ideas, as I believe you can never have too many tricks up your sleeve :)

I thought your website was great and will definitely be implementing some of your ideas in my lessons.
I teach mainly infants and pre-schoolers, and so am extremely eager for new ideas for songs and games, as you would surely know, some children click with a certain activity!

I also teach school aged children, teenagers, adults and people with additional needs, and coach, so I both have and want information in all areas.

I am specifically interested in fresh ideas for fun games, songs and activities, stroke development drills and water safety activities.

I also have plenty of songs and water activities you may be interested in.

Here are a few of my favourite songs from my pre-school classes, and a new song that I learned today, watching a children's television program.

Welcome song

(to the tune of Frere Jacques)

Today is Monday, Today is Monday,
What's your name?
And Mum's/Dad's too?
My name is (child's name)
And my name is (carer's name)
Splash your hands,
and turn around.

Repeat for each child/carer

Image of a happy baby being held just out of the pool water: This article is about Water Discovery Games and Songs
Water Discovery Games and Songs are fun


For this song I use a cloth puppet that I got for about $5 from a variety store. The children may need to be reminded that although his name is Punchonello, that does not mean we are allowed to punch him :)

What can you do, Punchonello, funny fellow?
What can you do, Punchonello, funny you?
(Punchonello 'whispers' to a child, child chooses an action)
We can do it oo, Punchonello, funny fellow!
We can do it too, Punchonello, funny you!

Repeat for each child

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Captain Feathersword

(adapted wiggles song)

Captain Feathersword, he loves to swim, he will show you how,
Captain Feathersword, he loves to swim, he will show you now.
Put your arms in front of you,
blow some bubbles, it's fun to do,
kick your legs, come on, let's try it,
now you're swimming like a pirate!

Chocolate Doughnuts

Place sinking toys on pool floor. Change The number according to how many children are in the class. You may also change chocolate doughnuts to another type of food. The original was current buns.

Four Chocolate doughnuts in a baker's shop,
round and fat with sprinkles on the top,
along came (child's name) with a dollar, one day...
(child ducks under and retrieves toy)
bought a chocolate doughnut, and ate it right away!


This is the song I learned today watching channel ten's 'puzzle play'...i thought it was great!

See the little ducklings, swimming here and there,
heads are in the water, tails are in the air.
see the little ducklings, swimming round and round,
now they're right-side-up
and now they're upside-down!



  1. Hi there. I am a learn to swim instructor and am always looking for new ways to improve my lessons and keep then interesting and fun. Thank you for all these new songs. We have quite a few where I am most of which are used in most schools, such as; when being monkeys' along the wall: Monkey monkey mo, monkey monkey mo,.Anything you can do I can do it to.
    Humpty dumpty sat/stood on the wall humpty dumpty had a great fall.
    Twinkle little star.
    Sitting on noodles: Giddy up, giddy up, giddy up horsey giddy up, giddy up, go,go,go. Giddy up giddy up giddy up horsey giddy up guddy ujp whoa (big spin around)
    Lying on kickboard's kiching: moterboats moterboats go so slow, moterboats moterboats go so fast moterboats moterboats step on the gas weeee (big spin around)
    Two different goodbye songs I have heard.
    Say hurray if you've had a good day hurray hurray say hurray to make it rain hurray hurray and splash them. The other being bye bye said the little green frog one day bye bye said the little green frog bye bye said the little green frog and one day and the frog said bye bye bye.
    Sorry for any speeling or grammer mistakes.
    Hope can be of some help.

    1. Good ideas. I've been teaching for many years and get tired of doing same ol same ol. It works but I like to change things around a bit.
      What do you do with Twinkle twinkle?
      Right now I'm working with babies so I find it a bit challenging

    2. Our instructor has the children lie on their backs and we support the child's head on our shoulder as if they are looking up at the stars.