Learn How To Swim 101 - Butterfly - Breathing & Putting it Together

By now you should have a good strong Dolphin kick and be developing a good arm movement. The only thing left for you to do is learn the timing and breathing.

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The breathing action should be as natural as possible,  avoiding excessively deep breathing or holding your breath for too long.

During the butterfly stroke, swimmers look to the front to inhale through the mouth, as their arms push underwater.

Your head should begin to be raised as your arms begin to sweep outwards during the catch.

Your face breaks the surface of the water during the push and upsweep of the arms and a breath is taken while your arms are fully supporting you prior to the recovery phase of the stroke.

As your arms complete the recovery, your head drops back into the water and you blow bubbles blowing all your air out.

Coordination of the stroke

One arm stroke, two complete kick cycles and a breath constitute one stroke.

Initially do only one kick per arm stroke with a pause between each stroke to allow the timing of the arms and legs to synchronize.

A very slight glide or rest in your stroke allows your legs to complete their second downward kick.

That's pretty much it really. Is there any more to learn about the butterfly stroke? Heaps ! but for that you are going to need a coach and as I'm always saying I'm just a teacher.


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