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Water Discovery Games For Learn How To Swim Classes

On The Lookout For Water Discovery Games

Good Swimming teachers are always on the lookout for good water familiarization games and just some fun things to do in the water even with advanced classes. Here are a few I came across recently.

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Splish splash

Number Six or more Organization In two teams Area Shallow water

One large plastic jug and one kickboard per team

Description: In waist-deep water each team forms a circle. A plas- tt tic jug with no lid is placed in the centre on a kickboard. On the signal 'Go', all students begin splashing water into their team's jug. No student may touch the jug. The team to fill the jug first is the t winner.

Chain Reaction

Number Four or more Organization In a circle

Shallow water

Description: In waist-deep water, the group stands in a circle. The teacher chooses the starter, who must then do an action (eg blow bubbles) and each in turn must copy. The next turn goes to the student on the right of the starter. It is then their turn to pick an activity, adding to the previous one.

City bridges

Small groups or teams of about six, well spaced Area
Knee-deep to waist-deep water

Description: Two members of each group join hands and form an arch. The remainder of the group stand one behind the other, each holding onto the waist of the person in front and ready to pass under the arch. On the word 'Go' each group, as a 'train', passes first under its own arch and then under every other arch. The First team to pass under all the arches and back through it's own is the winner.


Image of a happy baby being held just out of the pool water: This article is about Water Discovery Games
Water Discovery Games and Songs are fun
Small group to whole class
Individual players, each using a unit of equipment, or a team relay race
in Waist-deep   

Equipment Saturn toys/ Ping pong ball

Description: The players stand side by side at the starting point, each with a ping-pong ball. On the command 'Go' they enter the water and float the ball, then blow it along the surface of the water to the finish line. The ball may only be touched at the start and the finish.


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