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Child Drownings: Responsibility Around Water

Child Drownings: Responsibility Around Water and Morons!

Forgive my bluntness but too many people are morons around water. I know as a lifeguard and a swimming instructor that I am more water savvy than most people around water but seriously it doesn't take a genius to work out that water is dangerous and it has to be treated with respect. You have to have a responsibility around water, if for no other reason because of the high risk of child drownings.

image of a child happy child swimming in the pool. Avoid Child Drownings. Take Responsibility Around Water.
Avoid Child Drownings. Take Responsibility Around Water.

And I'm not talking about the testosterone pumped young bucks who just have to show off their prowess to impress their mates and the young girls. At least they have an excuse.

They are young immature, testosterone pumped, under significant peer group pressure and their job is to attract a mate.

Besides most of them are reasonable if you take the time to explain the reason for the rules you are enforcing. Not all but most.

Wait... Get Your Lesson Plans Here

This is not to say that the young bucks don't need to be managed but there are people who attend the pool who are worse.

Who could they possibly be you say?


Yes, parents.

Don't get me wrong most parents are great with the kids. But far too many are idiots around the pool.

I'm not exaggerating.

How we don't have more drownings around pools with some parents has to be the grace of God.

Again I don't mean the parents who just don't know or are just not water savvy. Although that can be frustrating, to be fair, any parent that responds to your direction is a good parent.

I'm talking about parents who will leave their 3 and 4-year-olds in the charge of a 12-year-old just so they can go off and have a nice relaxing time in the hydro pool.

I am talking about parents who will tell their children to go away and play and turn their backs just so they can continue their mobile phone conversation.

I am talking about parents who will sit and have conversations when their children come to them frightened because one of the other children is bullying them.

I'm not talking about a momentary lapse of judgment.

I'm talking about people who will abuse you as a lifeguard or swim teacher because you picked them up on what they are doing. No matter how sweetly it is explained to them.

I don't care what culture you came from or how lacking your knowledge of water is, when you have something dangerous explained to you concerning your children, if you care, you try to do something about it.

It only takes 4 seconds for a child to drown. That's a fact, 20 seconds. Seriously just 20 seconds I'm not making this stuff up.

Don't be a moron when you are near the water your child is your first priority NOT you!



  1. Wow! And I just thought I was pedantic and over protective... Gold star for me then!! :-)

  2. Absolutely a gold star for you! Within reason I'm even happy to have parents viewing me teach children swimming. Not only does it protect me but (again within reason) I will never knock back an extra pair of eyes. With a 4 second window I am grateful to have a parent yell out "Richard" and point, if a child has slipped into the water. As yet I haven't failed to see it for myself just as the parent calls out. But with 4 seconds why wouldn't I be happy for that back up, when one distraction can mean one day I didn't see it.