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Games for Swimming Lessons: Water Polo Variation

A Water Polo Variation For Your Collection of Games for Swimming Lessons

This is a variation of water polo, to add to your collection of games for swimming lessons. It requires only a ball and it is played in shallow water.

What You Need

A soft ball or it's equivalent and Shallow water. That is a ball that is soft, not a softball. A soft-float rings or rubber duck work just as well.

Image of a rubber duck floating in the water. It is used in a variation of water polo as part of your games for swimming lessons
A soft-float rings or rubber duck work just as well

Two teams with lined up opposite each other. The swimming teacher throws a beach or other type of soft ball into the middle. Everybody tries to get it!

The team in possession tries to keep it, but no swimming student may hold the ball for more than 3 seconds. If the ball is not passed to another member of the team within 3 seconds they lose possession to the other side.

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To make it more interesting, the swimming teacher may turn their back, and at odd times blow a whistle. The team in possession at the time wins a point. After a given time, the team (with the most number of points win.


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