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Learn How To Swim 101: Improving Your Backstroke

Improving Your Backstroke When You Learn How To Swim

I've taken a little time to get back to this because I've decided to show you how to build on the basic backstroke by creating a video (below). It's just a little animation that helps to explain what you should be aiming for as you try to improve your backstroke.

It's going to take time for you to build up the confidence and co-ordination to be able to get you arms straight.

The trick is to develop your stroke underwater first.

You see, you have to understand, particularly as you are learning how to swim and how to do the backstroke, that the harder you push underwater, the faster you move in the water.

The faster you move in the water, the more buoyancy you will have.

The more buoyancy you have, the easier it is to lift your arms out of the water and that allows you to get straighter arms.

The straighter your arms the more water you will be able to push through.

This will not only allow you to go faster and further more easily but will give you more buoyancy and that will allow you to lift your arms straighter out of the water and more easily too.

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Do not fall for the trap of trying to move your arms faster. The water doesn't like fast and you will only end up moving less distance for more effort.

Water likes efficient. That is, the better your arm action and the position of your body and the better your kick, the more easily you will be able to do the swim and the faster you will be able to go.

Take your time. Practice a steady, constant movement of your legs and arms and you will have better results than you would if you try to go fast.

Next time we will discuss backstroke hand position.


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