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Games for Swimming Lessons:-Water Wheelbarrows

Games for Swimming Lessons: The Water Wheelbarrow

In terms of games for swimming lessons, Water Wheelbarrows is a great game but it is only any good for those who are confident on their back. That is they don't have to be good on their back just confident.

Image of a girl holding the legs of a swimmer who is on their back in a torpedo position doing Water Wheelbarrow games for swimming lessons
Water Wheelbarrows

Students get into pairs. One member does a back float with their feet to their partner.

The partner takes hold of the feet that are facing them and pushes the back float swimmer to the finish line.

The partners then exchange roles and return to the start.

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The first team over the start line wins.

The swimmer holding the feet of their partner may either walk or swim.

Swimming is by far the hardest as you tend to sink your partner unless they kick really hard or torpedo really well.

Try it its fun.


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