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Games for Swimming Lessons:- Sculling Relay

Sculling Games for Swimming Lessons

Here is a game to add to your games for swimming lessons collection. In this Swimming Game, you form as many teams as you can muster but each team must have at least two in it, one at one end and the other at the other end.

Image of a swimmer on their back doing sculling games for swimming lessons
Sculling Games

On "Go" they scull to each other.

Swimming students are disqualified for starting before their partner tags either the edge or their partner.

Odd numbers, such as three per team, does not affect the game, although you may have to include handicaps.

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Forward sculling and sculling on the swimming students front are good variations that also help develop those skills in a more entertaining way.

Reasonably obvious I know but still it not only helps develop the swimming students sculling but it's fun too.


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