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Games for Swimming Lessons: Dead Fish An Oldie But A Goodie

To Add to Your Games for Swimming Lessons: Dead Fish

This is an oldie but a goodie. I've included it here for those who are new to swim teaching and may not have come across it, so you can add it to your list of games for swimming lessons. It called "Dead Fish".

Just one word to the wise however DO NOT EVER play this game using front floating. There is way too much risk of Hypoxia. You have been warned!!!

Equipment needed: Kickboard but only if the student needs it.

1. Choose a leader from the group for this swimming game.

Image of a swimmer doing a back float, kicking and using a kickboard to assist them. Dead Fish is another of my Games for Swimming Lessons.
Back Float With Kickboard

2.All swim students except the leader do a back float (using a kickboard if needed) with their feet towards him.

3.When the leader says "Go" everyone starts to do a flutter kick.

4.When the leader Says "Dead Fish," everyone stops kicking and floats without kicking.

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5.When the leader says "Go" (or Kick) everyone starts to do a flutter kick again.

6.The leader may say "Dead Fish" or "kick" as often as they like.

7.The first kicker to reach the opposite side of the swim area becomes the leader, and the game continues as before.

Try it its fun.


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