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Effortless and Mindful Swimming

Embracing Swimming as a Practice

Transforms your swimming from a mere workout to a mindful practice akin to yoga or Tai Chi. In this paradigm, the goal shifts from merely reaching the other end of the pool to being fully aware of every stroke.

Picture of a swimmer in a torpedo position, in a lane of the pool. Effortless and Mindful Swimming
Streamlined And Relaxed: Photo by Richard R. Sch√ľnemann on Unsplash

Focus on Balance: The Key to Effortless Swimming

The cornerstone of enjoyable and effortless swimming lies in achieving balance in the water. By targeting specific elements within your stroke, you can enhance this balance and unlock a new level of fluidity and ease.

Hang Your Head: Release Tension and Find Freedom

Let go of the urge to strain or hold up your head while swimming. Instead, allow it to hang naturally, feeling the support of the water. This simple adjustment can lead to newfound relaxation in your neck and shoulders.

Float Your Arm Forward: Graceful Extension

Extend your arm slowly and deliberately, feeling the water's support as you move. Eliminate unnecessary bubbles in your stroke by focusing on a downward gaze. Explore extending your arm slightly farther than usual with mindful intention.

Calm Your Legs: Harnessing the Power of Relaxation

With your upper body weightless, focus on calming and relaxing your legs. Instead of busy churning, allow them to glide effortlessly behind you. Aim for quiet, streamlined movement to enhance efficiency.

Practice Tips for Mastery

Before diving into the focal points, swim a few lengths as usual to gauge your effort level. Then, measure the impact of each focal point on your ease and efficiency.

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Learning/Familiarizing Repeats: Breaking Old Habits

Start with short repeats to familiarize yourself with the new sensations and intentions. Focus on attention to detail and break the habit of completing every length automatically.

Practising/Memorizing Repeats: Reinforcing New Habits

Once familiar, extend your practice to longer repeats while maintaining focus on the modified stroke. Take breaks to reassess and compare with shorter repeats, adjusting as needed to reinforce the new habits.

Mixing Skill Drills for Optimal Learning

For newer swimmers, incorporating skill drills like Superman Glide and Skate alongside whole-stroke practice can aid in learning balance more effectively.

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