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Breathing & Swimming: Heighten Awareness To Sharpen Your Skills

Discoveries Beneath the Surface

Swimming isn't just about moving through water; it's a dance of awareness and discovery. John's revelation about breathing with open eyes transformed his experience. By keeping his gaze steady, he found newfound balance and precision in his strokes.

Picture of a young woman swimming freestyle in the pool. Her head is on it's side whilst she takes a breath. Breathing & Swimming: Heighten Awareness
Watch When You Breathe

The Value of Being Observant

In a world often consumed by metrics and routine, the art of observation often gets overlooked. John's swift realization after just a year contrasts sharply with my thirty-year journey to a similar insight. Swimming mindfully means paying attention to the subtle nuances that surround us.

Swim Mindfully: Eyes Wide Open

Keeping our eyes open isn't just about breathing; it's a metaphor for mindfulness in swimming. It's about being present, alert, and attuned to the sensations of the water. Closing our eyes during moments of intense focus can enhance kinesthetic awareness and deepen our connection to the stroke.

Exploring Sensory Awareness

Swimming with closed eyes, when safe, can unlock a treasure trove of sensory input. By eliminating visual distractions, we sharpen our sensitivity to the subtle movements and rhythms of the water. This heightened awareness enhances our stroke technique and overall swimming experience.

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The Power of Noticing

In our quest for mastery, it's often the overlooked details that hold the key to improvement. Recognizing that breathing isn't about filling or emptying the lungs entirely, but about finding a balance, illustrates the importance of keen observation. Notice the nuances, and watch your swimming transform.


Swimming transcends the physical act of moving through water; it's a journey of discovery and self-awareness. By embracing mindfulness and sharpening our powers of observation, we unlock hidden depths within ourselves and our strokes. So, next time you dive in, remember to keep your eyes wide open—to the possibilities that lie beneath the surface.



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