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Swimming Benefits for Boxing & Basketball

Swimming as a Refreshing Alternative

Angel, a former boxer now thriving in Taiwan's basketball scene, has adopted an unorthodox training regimen. His coach, in a video shared on TV, sheds light on the alternative approach that involves stepping out of the traditional weight room and track routines. Swimming and its benefits or Boxing and Basketball.

Picture of a man in his lane in the pool, swimming as alternative training for other sports
Swimming as an alternative training for other sports 

Immersive Focus: Mindfulness in the Pool

In the video, the coach underscores the unique advantages of swimming. Beyond its physical benefits, he emphasizes the immersive nature of being in the water. Distractions dissolve, leaving individuals with a singular focus on the present, promoting positivity and stress relief.

Stress Relief Science: Beyond the Physical

The coach delves into the psychological benefits of swimming, citing stress relief as a scientifically backed outcome. The water serves as a mental sanctuary, allowing individuals to disconnect from daily stressors and facilitating a much-needed mental recharge.

Friday Splash: A Break from Tradition

The video captures a typical Friday practice, showcasing the coach's commitment to steering away from conventional training. He encourages viewers to consider the swimming pool as a haven for joint health, stress relief, and an overall enhancement of mood.

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Versatile Approach: Applicability Beyond Basketball

While Angel's training is tailored to basketball, the coach stresses the universality of the approach. Swim laps, focus on breathing, and embrace the solitude the water provides – a formula adaptable to various fitness pursuits.

Breath-Holding Finale: Holistic Training in Action

As the video concludes, Angel demonstrates breath-holding exercises, highlighting the holistic approach to training. The coach recommends incorporating such practices for a refreshing change and potential revitalization, particularly for those grappling with burnout.

Plunge into the Unconventional: A Rejuvenating Solution

In essence, the video champions the idea that sometimes, deviating from the beaten path and immersing oneself in the pool might be the unconventional yet rejuvenating solution needed to break through training plateaus.


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