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Swimming & Child Autism: Live Example of Bolting at the Pool

Ensuring Peace of Mind for Parents When Swimming with Autistic Children

The Power of Specialized Swim Training for Kids with Unique Needs

Parents often worry about the safety of their children, especially when they may be unaware of potential dangers. In this context, we can learn a lot from the story of Koji, a child who has been part of a unique swimming program for several years. Koji serves as an inspiring example of how specialized swim training can equip children to stay safe in the water.

Image of an Autistic Child Bolting out of the door with mum in hot pursuit. Swimming and Child Autism
Autistic Child Bolting

A Controlled and Supportive Environment

This video sheds light on a carefully controlled environment located behind a pool where Koji and his dedicated mom have been attending for years. The presence of a parent in this environment is essential, as it allows them to reinforce the behaviours and actions needed for a positive and secure swimming experience.

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Training for Instructors: A Game-Changer

Swim instructors should all undergo training that equips them with the skills to work effectively with children facing various challenges. Such training focuses on the 14 most common obstacles to adapted swimming. The great news is that this effective methodology, known as the Swim Whisperers Method, is proven to help children learn to swim more quickly with less discomfort. You can access this training online through Swim Angelfish (email:cert@swimangelfish.com).

An Inclusive Approach

Swim Angelfish is a staunch advocate for making specialized training a standard practice in Learn to Swim programs. This training isn't just for children with physical challenges but extends to those dealing with Autism, Anxiety, Delays, Sensory issues, Trauma, and more. The aim is to create a systematic approach to enhance all swim curriculums, turning instructors into "Swim Whisperers."

Specialized swim training is a transformative tool that can empower children with unique needs to enjoy the benefits of swimming safely. It's not only about learning to swim; it's about providing peace of mind for parents and creating an inclusive environment where every child can thrive in the water. Thanks to organizations like Swim Angelfish and dedicated instructors, this dream is becoming a reality.


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