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Help Blind Swimmers: Greek Students Invent Revolutionary Device

Help Blind Swimmers: Greek Students Invent Revolutionary Device

Assuming that for many years you have been an amateur or professional swimmer. This activity has given you great satisfaction and pleasure. Now, however, you are suffering from eye issues, that have left you with impaired vision, blinded you, or else threaten to do one or the other to you. Of all of the recreational, or professional activities that you enjoy, you hate most the idea of giving up swimming.

picture of a woman swimming in the pool. You can't tell if she is blind or not Help Blind Swimmers: Greek Students Invent Revolutionary Device
Blind Swimming Can You Tell?

Well, thanks to a competition that measures entrepreneurial ingenuity and the work of some innovative students, you may not have to. The competition, specifically speaking, is known as the "Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition of Junior Achievement Greece.

The students are from Athens University. The enterprising students have devised a sensor-equipped swim cap that aids a visually impaired swimmer by orienting him or her to their location when inside a swimming pool, particularly when the swimmer is arriving at the end of a lane and must turn or finish.

The sensory equipment has mobile connectivity that further allows the swimmer to know about their timing and statistics. It is the student's hope that this device will encourage young swimmers with visual acuity deficits to pursue the sport regardless of their visual impairment. Paralympian pro-athlete and swimmer Charalambos Taiganidis real-world tested the cap and gave it a thumbs up.

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Key Takeaways:

  • The system includes a Bluetooth headset that can be connected to mobile devices and tells the swimmer about their timing and statistics.
  • The students who created this device are part of the Swim.me team and they promote swimming around Greece.
  • Greek students had previously come up with Smart Vision which helped blind people with daily shopping activities.

"These initiatives give the opportunity to students aged 18-30 to develop their own entrepreneurship idea and encourage them to use their skills in various areas of a business."

Read more: https://greekcitytimes.com/2021/05/22/device-blind-swimmers/


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