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Breaststroke Kick: How To Feel More Resistance In Yours

How To Feel More Resistance In Your Breaststroke Kick!

This is a quick tip video on how to feel more resistance on the bottom of your feet within your breaststroke kick.

Picture of a woman doing breaststroke. Viewed from behind. This post is about breaststroke kick and how to feel more resistance.
Breastroke Kick

So the first thing you want to do to improve that resistance feels on your feet is to actually bring your feet up and point them all the way and feel how you have zero leverage with the water once you feel that at the moment. Then on the next kick go the complete opposite where you feel that resistance all the way through so that way it also improves your awareness and you get a better feel within your breaststroke kick.

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So go ahead and practice in one or two segments of that kick where you actually with purpose point your feet all the way through, which is wrong, just so you get a feel and then correct it by completely moving your foot in the opposite direction. Once you go through that extreme this will help overall improve your breaststroke kick and once you get a feel of that continue and repeat the same skill again corrected and you will continue to improve your glide from your kick feeling that resistance again.

So once you get a feel of that kick then you're gonna go through breaststroke where you actually kind of separate two kicks before you take a breath. This will help you maximize each kick and get a better feel with each repetition.

So just a quick recap feel free to experiment and just take one or two repetitions where you point your feet and feel how there is absolutely zero leverage in the water you're almost kicking the air and then finish it with the complete opposite and get more leverage by feeling that resistance off the bottom of your feet.


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