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Should You Eat Before Swimming & What Types Of Food Are Best?

Should You Eat Before Swimming and What Types Of Food Are Best?

While there was a study done back in the 1960s that showed that eating before swimming doesn't have any effect, new studies have shown that to be false. If that is true then what type of foods are best?

Picture of a picnic on the beach. Eating before swimming does have any effect. So what foods are best?
Eating Before Swimming?

It is essential before basically any type of exercise to fuel your body and you do that by eating. There are quite a few different foods that are best to eat before swimming which are different types of carb sources. The foods you should eat before swimming include pasta and sweet potatoes.

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Key Takeaways:

  • A small study was done in 1968 that showed swimmers eating before swimming had no type of effect on them.
  • However, we now know that eating before swimming is essential as food is used to help fuel the body.
  • Before you go swimming you should eat a carb source such as some pasta or sweet potatoes.

"There was a time when scientists were seriously investigating whether eating before swimming could cause 'paralysing cramps'."

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