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How to Tread Water For Beginners Swimming Lessons

How to Tread Water For Beginners Swimming Lessons

When learning how to tread water for beginners swimming lessons, you need to ask the question, "how do you tread water well or how to survive well?" They are not always the same question. In the video below you will see two ways to keep your head above water without swimming.

  1. Treading water

  2. Floating

If you just want to learn to tread water because you can or because you need it for some other purpose such as rescues or water polo etc. then the start of this video does a very good job of explaining the fundamentals of how to tread water.

If on the other hand, you want this skill in order to know how to survive, as the video points out you need to learn how to float.

You are able to float for a much greater period of time than you can tread water. In fact, treading water for extended periods of time could exhaust you and make you far more susceptible to drowning. If you use it at all in an emergency situation, it should only be for your actual rescue.

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Floating, however, is only the beginning. If you want to learn how to look after yourself should you be stuck in the water waiting for rescue for long periods of time, you need to learn survival backstroke.


In the video He states that you need treading water to save your life in deep water. This is, as I have already pointed on really overstating it. But the video teaching method is quite good.

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