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The Importance of Self-Evaluations

The Importance of Self-Evaluations

As an instructor, every so often it is necessary to go through a self-evaluations so you can make adjustments and improvements to your current plan.

Picture of a man staring into the water. The Importance of Self-Evaluations
Man Staring Into The Pool

One must see if the current plan is not only challenging but appropriate for your specific class. You should check and see if your students are engaged and safe.

Don't be afraid of feedback, it can help you tremendously. This feedback can also give you insight into whether the instructions were easy to understand and enjoyable. Consider other relevant feedback from family members or friends. Confirm that the overall experience is positive.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Engaging our students and keeping them happy, taking a playful approach is useful as a swimming instructor.
  • Being an effective communicator is crucial to teaching and understanding students needs, and will build student confidence.
  • Self-evaluation is essential to improving and measuring the effectiveness of our teaching.

"Always remember that the key to being a great teacher is being an effective communicator."

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