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The Eight Most Common Mistakes Singing Swim Teachers Make

The Eight Most Common Mistakes Swim Teachers Make

Let's talk about the eight most common mistakes swim teachers make. Swim teachers who teach babies and toddlers are often constantly on the lookout for new songs and adapted lyrics to use in their classes. But what about the execution of these songs. Have you ever considered that the ay you do singing in your swim class could actually have a negative effect on your class?

Picture of a baby being held as they paddle in the water. Do You fall for any of the eight most common mistakes singing swim teachers make.
Singing In Swim Class

I came across a booklet by Deborah Skydell Pasternack that is titled "The Eight Most Common Mistakes Music Teachers Make (which unfortunatlly seems no longer exist)” and I found it so applicable to teaching babies and toddlers swimming, especially when it came to the actual songs themselves.

Because it is about teaching in a formal classroom environment, there are of course some things that do not translate directly to the swimming pool and naturally, there are some things that are not even relevant. However, I was blown away about just how much of the article is relevant.

Here are most of the the headings of the topics I found most related to swimming teaching. all you need do is change the word classroom to swim class and I'd swear it was written for swim teaching toddlers and babies.

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  • Teaching songs and activities that you don’t love

  • Taking it personally if the kids don’t like the lesson you’re presenting

  • Teaching only new material in a class period

  • Setting expectations too high or too low

  • Moving from one activity to another abruptly or after a long, empty pause

  • Too much talking, not enough Swimming

  • Being a “Swim teacher island”

You have to give you an email address but the article makes it well worth the subscription.


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