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Mental Health & Swimming: Let Sun Shine To Your Mind in Winter

Mental Health is Important in Sports

As we transform from fall to winter, many people tend to see their emotions transform into a somewhat blue and bleak state of mind. Why does this occur?

Image of A young woman stretching in the sun. Mental health is important in sports
Mental Health & Swimming

There are many theories such as our bodies natural rhythms and response to the change in daylight and darkness. This disruption in our cycles can make us feel rushed as the daylight goes dark much earlier then the summer time.

There are ways to remedy the situation such as a healthy lifestyle, exercise, healthy diet and even light therapy. In some cases one may need to seek medical intervention as symptoms can disrupt the day in a significant way.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Sunlight is a natural mood elevator and stimulant, but there is less sunshine during the winter months.
  • Our bodies react to the lack of sunlight, often making some of us more moody, depressed, and irritable during the darker months.
  • Taking an alternate discipline such as meditation can help with the negative thoughts, and provide a relief.

"This shift, along with other factors – including genetics and body chemistry – may affect your mental health."

Read more: https://www.health.harvard.edu/blog/let-the-sun-shine-mind-your-mental-health-this-winter-2017012311058?utm_id=380993&dlv-ga-memberid=32413555&mid=32413555&ml=380993

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