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Pros And Cons Of Salt Water Pools

When it comes to installing a pool for your home, you have more than one option. Not every pool is required to be chlorine treated. As an alternative, saltwater pools are becoming increasingly popular in suburban homes and they are not a fad. Saltwater pools are here to stay.

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While saltwater pools do come with a bit of maintenance and time tending to them, as well as a hefty initial price tag, there can also be many benefits to installing a saltwater pool in your home.

We’re going to sound off on the pro’s and con’s of saltwater pools and you can make the decision for yourself when it comes to narrowing down your decision.

The Pro’s Of Saltwater Pools

Due to the lower levels of chlorine in the water, saltwater pools allow for less irritation to eyes and skin. Also, chlorine has harsh effects on hair that can turn it green when exposed regularly. As an added benefit, saltwater has been shown to be good for the hair and for the skin. Which makes its for a more healthy result hanging out by the pool deck.

When storing and handling unsafe chemicals to treat and maintain your pool, you run the risk of exposing yourself and your family to chlorine and other dangerous substances. Furthermore, there are many health-related studies that show exposure to chlorine can cause long-term health problems.

Saltwater has a gentler feel to the skin which can be a benefit to those who may be in a climate where they use their pool year round.

Image of Pool Care Chemicals
Pool Care Chemicals

When it comes to maintenance, there is no need to treat your pool as often as a chlorinated pool. The saltwater produces all of the chlorine necessary to self-regulate. Also, some find the smell of chlorine very irritating. Installing a saltwater chlorination system can make the irritation a non-issue.

The Con’s Of Saltwater Pools

When you first install a saltwater pool, the initial investment is much larger than a regular chlorinated pool. A saltwater chlorination system can cost upwards of $1,300 dollars, plus the installation costs. Some may see this as a benefit since over time less money is spent on chlorine chemicals from a pool supply store.

Even though short-term maintenance is simpler, long-term maintenance requires specialized professionals which can cost more than your average pool boy.

Image of a teardrop shape back yard pool with water features: This article is about the Pros And Cons Of Salt Water Pools
Teardrop Back Yard Pool Wit Features

The materials that you can use for your pool and its accessories are limited since the saltwater can cause deterioration of a wide variety of materials that many heaters and underwater lighting are made out of. Many find that it is hard to have a saltwater pool with accessories as the saltwater causes corrosion and wear. Which makes it a little more difficult when it comes to resurfacing your pool.

A saltwater pool can be a great alternative to the typical chlorinated pool system. However, they do come with some disadvantages that you should think about before taking the plunge.

When it comes down to it, you should choose the pool that is best suited for you and your families needs. Either way, installing a pool is a great investment for your home and lifestyle.


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