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How To Fix Swimming Goggles: Reattaching Eyepads, Suction Cup

How To Fix Swimming Goggles

How Do I Reattach My Eye Pads, Suction Cups

Knowing how to fix swimming goggles means knowing how to reattaching the eye pads/suction cup. It is a very common problem that afflicts parents and children alike because these eye pads become detached with a very little fiddling.

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The video below is one that I made quite some years ago to help parents and students with just that problem.

I apologize for the quality. Despite having access to a, practically endless supply of goggles through our lost property, I can't always get the pair I need for demonstration purposes and buying them, purely for video purposes becomes impractical. So I have decided to publish this video.

Most goggles today come much more substantially constructed. But they are more expensive that way and parents on a budget will naturally go for the cheapest option if they can. So this video will give you a bit of an overview of these type of goggles as well.

But more than that all goggles fit together in similar ways, so with a bit of tweaking you can apply what you learn here to most other goggle constructions.

I recommend that you turn the closed captions on when you watch the video because I have tried to make sure they are accurate and that will help compensate for the quality.

I hope it is helpful.


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