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Kids Wetsuits Stupidity - Debunk Some Of The Myths

Kids Wetsuits Stupidity!

People get talked into buying kids wetsuits with some of the most stupid reasoning. I’m going to take this opportunity to debunk some of the myths.

Let’s get rid of the most prevalent reason that is often given to manipulate you into buying a wetsuit for your child:

  1. Cold and Flue
  2. I’m really sorry but colds and flue are a result of being exposed to someone or something else that is infected by that particular bug. A child getting cold is not going to give them a cold and a wetsuit is not going to change that one smidgen. Unless they are exposed to someone with a cold or the flu.

    When you think wetsuits, our first thoughts are protection from the cold and there is no doubt children can get cold quickly in the water even when it is very hot but if you are anything like me you think, so just let them get out of the water for a while.

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  3. A Child’s Wetsuit Will Protect You From The Heat
  4. Say what! By definition, a wetsuit is designed to keep you warm especially a child’s wetsuit. Guess what if it’s hot outside the wetsuit is only going to make them hotter not keep them cooler.

    Honestly, the people writing this stuff need a serious re-think. They clearly don’t know what they are talking about and because of that, you should think hard before you buy from them.

    More than this whilst everybody knows about Hypothermia, the body losing too much heat, most people don’t think or even know about Hyperthermia, the body gets too hot.

    Hyperthermia is just as dangerous as Hypothermia if not more so because of the lack of knowledge of it. Hypothermia can cause heat stroke, fits and much worse. No, forget about a children’s wetsuit for protection against heat.

    Image of multi colored kids wetsuits: Wetsuits help prevent sunbun
    Kids Wetsuites Come In So Many colors

  5. A Full Body Children’s Wetsuit Will Protect Against The Sun
  6. This one is absolutely true, it will protect their skin from its harmful UV rays. But given what I have said above why wouldn’t you consider the alternatives: sunscreen lotion or children’s UV suits. Of course, if they are in the water that is different. Forgetting to put on lotion happens all too often so a kids wetsuit can be a much better alternative.

    There are some great sunscreen lotions available and in so many different forms of applicators; anything from spray on, which I think is just the best way to apply sunscreen, to roll on or just the old fashion hand rubbing it in approach, which can be very soothing.

    But if you or your kids hate them for the feeling or the smell then a full-length UV suit is by far a much better alternative.

    Wetsuits also offer the same protection as wet suits from objects or particles at the beach that might hurt your kids while they play. Including little rocks, sand and possibly little jellyfishes that might lurk at the beach; but of course you’d never be stupid enough to let your kids swim in a jellyfish plague.

What if your child has sensitive to the cold and you want them to be in the water for longer with you so that you can maintain your enjoyment?

This truly is the only instance that I can think of, where a wetsuit would be a good thing at the beach and out of doors. Please be sensible however and take it off your child when your time in the water is over. Don’t let your child overheat.

Are colors and fashion an issue to your children. Most kids, especially the little girls, want their bathing suits to be of different designs; they want to look trendy and you want them to look cute and UV suits now have it all.

So for outdoors, children’s wetsuits are not the always the best option, try UV suits instead.


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