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Kids Wetsuit And The Dilemma Of How To Chose The Right One

If you are anything like me, then you like your choices to be made simple. Choosing a kid’s wetsuits can be a nightmare. They are available in a wide variety of colors, styles and size and that’s not the only choice you have to make. Hence when you have to buy a wetsuit for your child you have lots of things to decide. Perhaps too many!

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So I thought that I would try and help you with the choice you now need to make.

Kids Wetsuit Colors

Let’s tackle color first. Multicolored wetsuits are cool but no matter how chlorine resistant of fade resistant the label says they are the colors are going to fade over time. So if you can’t make up your mind, choose Pink for girls and Blue for boys.

It is always better to buy wetsuits which are close fitting for our kid’s. This helps with maintaining body heat.

Brands and Thicknesses

Different brands and types of wetsuits differ in thicknesses. Very thick wet suits used in deep seas diving are made with neoprene which is 7mm. There is also a 3mm thickness which is advised to be used in summer and 5mm thick wet suits that are suitable for winter seasons and 2.5mm is for swimming pools.

Image of multi colored kids wetsuits
Kids Wetsuites Come In So Many colors
Before selecting the thickness you have to ensure that your kid’s wetsuit can provide warmth but you also have to choose one that provides your children with the flexibility they need to be able to swim and have fun. It’s not good having a wet suit that’s very warm but so thick you can’t move in it. Remember if it’s too had to move your children are not going to ware it anyway. The 2.5mm version is not only idea for indoor swimming pools it is a good compromise for most applications.

To Get In Or Out Of It

Just as important, you are going to need to know: how hard is it for your children to get in or out of? Remember the last time you tried to get the kid’s to wear something that was a struggle to get over their heads. Is it really worth the fight? So save yourself the fight and choose wetsuits with easy access panels.

Short or Full Models

Kid’s wetsuits come in different sizes: short or full models. Short wetsuits are more suitable for kids for all kinds of activities like swimming or playing water games. These types of wetsuits are suitable for any level of water temperature. The short wetsuits are very easy to be worn and it is also easy to get out of it. Only use a full body wetsuit when the kids have to be in the water for a very long time or when they have to be in harsh ocean water.


So here is what you want to know: If you having trouble deciding on a color: choose Pink for girls and Blue for boys. Buy a snug fit Choose for flexible and warmth: 2.5mm is a good compromise. Choose a wetsuit that is easy to get on: such as one with panels Most kids are not going to be skin diving so chose a short wetsuit

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