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Flotation Jackets & Water Wings (Floaties) Are They Good Things?

Life Jackets, Flotation Jackets And Floats (Water Wings)

Life jackets, flotation jackets and Floats (water wings) are Dangerous! Even though used correctly they can be great fun.

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One thing that really upsets me, is parents or careers putting a life jacket, children’s flotation jacket or some other type of flotation assistance device, on a child and then forgetting about them whilst they float around freely.

One time I stopped using Floats in my baby swimming classes and when one of the fathers asked why I told him and he wasn’t happy. I said it was because of him and the fact that he would have a conversation with his mate in the pool next to him whilst the floats were on and he wouldn’t forget to watch his child.

Kids drown with Flotation Jackets and Floats on!

Image of a young child playing in the water with a Flotation Jacket on. This article asks are Flotation Jackets and Water Wings (Floaties) A Good Thing?
Flotation Jackets and Water Wings (Floaties) A Good Thing?

Don’t get me wrong flotation jackets and Floats are great fun properly supervised; properly supervised they are a great way to explore the water and build water confidence. Correctly used flotation devices of all kinds can even assist in the initial stages of learning to swim, but they are not an excuse for putting your child’s life at risk.

If you are not going to strictly supervise your child when using such devices then Don’t Buy Them!


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