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What Types Of Pool Water Is Safest For Kids?

Swimming is a perfect activity for your kids. However, you must be very careful while selecting a swimming pool for them. There are many studies that say the wrong swimming pool can cause various health hazards in the kids.

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The most important thing in the pool is of course the water. You need make sure that the level of chlorine and the PH is properly maintained.

We are discussing three types of pool water that are safe for your kids:

  1. Saline Water
  2. image from above of little girl in the pool holding a kick board looking up
    Saline Water

    Swimming pools with salty water are called saltwater swimming pool. They have the salt composition equivalent to our teardrop. A generator generates saline water that can lower chlorine levels in your pool.

    People often use salt chlorine generators to maintain a low level of chlorine in their swimming. They maintain 0.5 ppm (parts per million) of chlorine. The regular balancing of other chemicals and PH is required but the cleaning of the pool takes minimal time.

    A saltwater pool has the following health benefits to offer to your kids:
    • Protects your kids from eye irritation – Saline water pools reduce irritation of your eyes. This is possible only as saline water uses a minimal amount of chlorine in the water.
    • Soft water – Saline pool water contains fewer minerals and impurities. Kids having a skin allergy or skin irritation may benefit from this water
    • Eco-friendly – Saline pool water is eco-friendly as it does not use harsh chemicals. This water is safer for your kids. Great for skin as it can make your skin smooth and soft. It may also be helpful in treating skin diseases like acne and eczema.
    • Anti-stress properties – This water de-stress your kids. They feel fresh and rejuvenated.
    Isn’t this interesting?

  3. Mineral Water
  4. image of feet from under water, dangling ing mineral water
    Mineral Water

    In this kind of swimming pool, minerals are dissolved in the water with the help of an ionization unit. These minerals help in the disinfection of the water in the pool. The mineral water swimming pool is free from chlorine. Silver and ionized copper are used to sanitizing the pool water.

    Copper in the pool water prevents the contamination of algae and Silver is used for destroying bacteria. The water in your swimming pool gets passed through charged electrodes. These electrodes produce silver and copper ions. Thus, it disinfects the pool water. If you want, then you can also use a very small amount of chlorine in the water.

    The following are the benefits of mineral water pool for your kids:
    • It helps with muscle relaxation
    • It hydrates the skin
    • It helps to detoxify the lymphatic system
    • Mineral water increases the bathing experience for your kids
    • Your kids enjoy the feel of smooth water

  5. Chlorinated Water
image of kinds doing swimming lessons
Chlorinated Water

The use of chlorine is very common to sanitize the swimming pool. Two ppm of chlorine is added to the pool. It inhibits the production of algae in the water and also destroys fecal matter. The balancing of PH is the must.

This is required to make the water suitable for swimming. These pools are easy to maintain and the cost of maintenance is also low.

Chlorine enables the faster cleaning of bacteria so Chlorinated water pools have more clean and hygienic water; thus, it is suitable for your kids.

Making pool water safe for your kids is very important. So whilst Chlorine helps to clean the pool easily and faster, we always suggest you to lower the chlorine levels in your pools to the minimum recommended limit.

Things to keep in mind are as follows:
    Image of young girl kicking water on the edge of the pool
    Making pool water safe for your kids

  • The PH of the water in the swimming pool must be in the range of 7.4 to 7.6.
  • Saline and chlorinated water pools require CYA (Cyanuric acid). It stabilizes the chlorine in the pool water and prevents from the sunlight.
  • Regular PH monitoring is required.
  • Disinfection - Disinfecting the pool is very important. It kills bacteria and fungi. It makes the water safe for swimming. There are two common ways of disinfecting the pool water – chlorine and bleach.

    Chlorine V/s. Bleach water – These both agents are used to clean the pool. Bleach has the same chemical base as chlorine. The difference between the two is the strength and formulation. Therefore, choosing between chlorine and bleach water varies. Bleach may be less expensive than pool chlorine.

    Sodium hypochlorite (Liquid Chlorine) is the disinfecting chemical that is present in the bleach. It has approximately 5.25% chlorine. Disinfecting the pool with bleach is very convenient. Just pour the bottle into the swimming pool. Pool chlorine has calcium hypochlorite (Dry Chlorine), has 65% of the strength. It is easy to use in the pool water. You can use pool chlorine in the form of the tablet or powder. The tablets release slow chlorine in the water.

Keeping the water clean is very important for the safety of your kids. I hope that this piece of information will prove beneficial to select the right pool water for your kids.


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