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How To Learn Basic Front Crawl In 4 Easy Steps

How to Learn Basic Front Crawl: The Steps

One of the most essential techniques for a swimmer is to be able to swim freestyle, or as other people like to note it, to front crawl. While it is certainly one of the most basic swimming techniques, for many people, it can be a challenge. However, rest assured that once you’ve mastered the basics, you’ll be able to pick up the front crawl in no time. As with anything that wants to be mastered, consistent training and practice is very important. We’ve compiled a quick guide to teach you how to learn basic front crawl in a few easy steps.

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Step #1: Your Body Position

This is perhaps the most important step in learning how to do a basic front crawl. If you master this, every step beyond this step will be much easier. What you want to do when you put yourself in the water is to keep your body flat. If you’re learning this step for the first time, you should have been able to float. Float with your body flat and lie face down in the water. Keep your body in line with the water’s motion and keep practicing until you can lie your body fully flat in the water. Use goggles if necessary.

Step #2: Creating Motion With Your Arm Movement

After you’re able to keep your body straight in the water, the next step is mastering arm movement. Arm movement can be separated into two different forms at the most basic level: The Pull and Recovery. To do the Pull Motion: While your palms are facing down, sweep your arm through the water and pull yourself through the water with your elbow bent slightly. Make sure when you pull, your arms reach all the way to the side of your upper thigh.

Image of a man swimming freestyle seen from under water: This article is about how to learn basic front crawl
Freestyle Swimming Nice and Easy

To perform the Recovery: While your hand is close to your upper thigh, lift your other arm out of the water with a bent elbow. Remember that bending your elbows is very important as this is what will propel your body in motion through the water. Reach in front of you pass the water with another bent elbow and enter the water again with your fingertips. If you do this correctly, it looks like your sweeping water behind you while your body is lying face down in the water.

To do this properly, both hands should be switching back and forth between the Pull and Recovery motion, and doing it simultaneously without stopping.

Step #3: Remember To Breathe

An essential to any swimmer’s repertoire regardless of swimming technique is having the ability to be able to breathe properly while under water and swimming through water. As you’re performing the Pull and Recovery movements, you’ll see that your head will go under the water. With enough practice, decide on a side that is dominant for you and when you face that side, breathe. You’ll only have a quick moment to breathe as you plunge your head back into the water again with the Pull and Recovery movements.

Image of Animated Man Demostrating Freestyle Swimming Action: This article is about how to learn basic front crawl in 4 easy steps
Animation Of Front Crawl Action

Remember that a common mistake is lifting your head upwards toward the ceiling instead of shifting it sideways. You are always better turning sideways for that small window of breath rather than lifting your head entirely out of the water and looking up. Keep in mind that lifting your head upwards is counterproductive.

Step #4: Sealing The Front Crawl With Your Legs

The last step in this technique is, of course, the leg action. With your ankles relaxed, keep it flexible at all times and point your toes behind you. As you do your Pull and Recovery movements, you’ll need to move your legs simultaneously to kick up and down with a continuous motion from your thighs. One common mistake that many beginners make is kicking from your calves, which is incredibly ineffective and only uses up unnecessary energy. When everything is done properly, your whole body should be moving as one.

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