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Learn to Swim 102: Backstroke Technique - The Dynamo Catch

Most Efficient Backstroke Technique

This is a great little drill for people learning backstroke technique as well as more advanced swimmers. It is not of course for complete beginners but once you are propelling yourself through the water you will need to develop the most efficient backstroke that you can.

The most efficient backstroke technique is a shallow pull and push. This is were your arm enters the water and once in the water bends in order to give maximum power to the pull and push. You can see the correct shape of the arm in the video below.

The Correct Shape

Why is that the correct shape?

Because it allows the muscles and the bones in your arms to move the way God intended in order to be at their most powerful.

I know I know, if you are new to swimming backstroke you have probably been taught up till now that you have to have straight arms once they enter the water. This is absolutely correct for new swimmers because the bent arm action is more than you need to know and master. Simple is better when you are learning. However, it is not the most efficient backstroke technique.

Bent Arm Action

The bent arm action is a little more complex to learn and use but once you have it up and going you will notice that you are moving through the water with less effort and probably greater speed.

This drill works for advanced swimmers as well and the video is actually directed toward advanced swimmers. But if you are new don't let that put you off. Whether you are advanced or novice getting a feel for the way your arms should move in the water using the bent arm action, is quite hard and that is what this drill addresses.


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