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Free Swimming Lesson Plans On Offer And How To Keep Them Dry

Free Swimming Lesson Plans For You

Everybody likes something for free. Well, I'm happy to oblige. I have created some Free Swimming Lesson Plans, covering age groups from 6 months to 3 years and I'm offering to you in exchange for your email address.

Image of a swim teacher teaching swimming. Maybe she uses these free swimming lesson plans on offer
Swimming Lessons

They have actually been available for a while now and even though I have not posted about them they have turned out to be quite popular. Amazingly so actually given that I hadn't advertised them at all and I thought I was the only one who knew they were thereafter I posted them.

They are on a single sheet so that they can be laminated and taken with you to the pool.

If you do take them to the pool I have a suggestion to help maintain the integrity of the laminated sheet.

The Problem With Laminating

Laminated anything always seems to be waterproof but I only wish that were true. Water still manages to get in. I gave up a long time ago trying to find a way to avoid that. Not only does water get in of its own accord, the more you use it the more the bond holding it together weakens.

Wait... Get Your Lesson Plans Here

So unless you are going to have the sheets held somewhere that you can both see it and not let it get wet then keeping water out in the long term is a lost cause.

My solution is very simple and doesn't actually keep your Free lesson plans dry. What it does do is keep them from moving about too much so that even getting wet means they don't get destroyed.

All I do is put the laminated sheets on a kickboard.

Simple huh!

You, Will, Have To Replace Them

You will still have to replace them from time to time as over time they will get mouldy. But a new one every couple of months or even a couple of weeks is way better than every day.

You can dispense with the laminate altogether if you can have your very own kickboard or its equivalent. As long as you keep it permanently on the kickboard and don't touch the paper, put it underwater or let anybody touch it, it will keep for a good while. It may not last as long as the laminated sheets but it is way cheaper.

You can test this idea out when you Downloading the Free Lesson plans.

Don't forget to let me know what you think of them. Positive criticism only please and any positive suggestions will also be welcome.


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