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Breathing in Freestyle: How to Fix Being Late

Breathing in Freestyle: How to Fix Being Late

I have written lots about how to fix your breathing whilst doing freestyle. So why Oh why am I doing it again?

Because it is by far the most prolific problem in swimming. Also, I have just found an article on the subject that, not only has video but approaches the problem in a different way. It also makes one or two points that I haven't.

The article "Fix Late Breathing in Freestyle" can be found here. Some of the terminologies are different also but the issue is the same.

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The article starts by giving a good definition of what good breathing in freestyle is and backs that with a video (below). It then flows on to a number of videos that show workable solutions. These solutions can be a little difficult for a beginner but if you add a kickboard to them they should work just fine.


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